Application Authorization and Access Control

ACCESS PASSSERVER 56ALLOWEDIT56STORE91SubjectSubjectObjectObject IDRelationObjectObject IDSTORE91

Manage user roles and permissions
Build multi-tenant apps with confidence
Enforce coarse and fine grained access
Secure paid features behind pricing tiers
Enforce attribute based access control

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Full Stack Authorization

SDKs and drop-in components to add authorization at every layer of the tech stack, from front-end to back-end.

1import ""
3client := warrant.NewClient(warrant.ClientConfig{
4 ApiKey: "<your_api_key>",
7isAuthorized, err := client.IsAuthorized(warrant.Warrant{
8 ObjectType: "store",
9 ObjectId: "91",
10 Relation: "edit",
11 Subject: warrant.Subject{
12 ObjectType: "server",
13 ObjectId: "56",
14 },
17if isAuthorized {
18 // Carry out authorized logic

Server-side Authorization

SDKs and middleware for the most popular back-end languages & frameworks like Express, Go, Python, Java, and Ruby to add permission checks to your back-end API routes and business logic.

Client-side Authorization

Drop-in higher-order components for React.js, Next.js, and Vue.js to help you build UIs that are permission-aware and behave dynamically based on each user's access rules.

Management Dashboard

Make it easy for technical & non-technical internal users to manage authorization models and access control rules via a simple and intuitive dashboard.

Self Service Dashboard

A prebuilt, Warrant-hosted page embeddable into any application to allow end-users to manage their organization's roles, permissions, users, and more.

Bring Your Own Identity (BYOI)

Integrate seamlessly with third-party identity providers or custom, in-house identity solutions.

Identity Provider Integrations

2 "type": "report",
3 "relations": {
4 "owner": {},
5 "editor": {
6 "inheritIf": "anyOf",
7 "rules": [
8 {
9 "inheritIf": "owner"
10 },
11 {
12 "inheritIf": "admin",
13 "ofType": "tenant",
14 "withRelation": "owner"
15 }
16 ]
17 },
18 "viewer": {
19 "inheritIf": "editor"
20 }
21 }

Flexible modeling capabilities

Model any access control scheme from RBAC to FGAC & ABAC, or create a custom model that fits your use-case and requirements.

Access Logs

Monitor & audit changes to your application's access rules and view comprehensive logs for each and every authorization decision.

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