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Learn Authentication & Authorization

Content and deep-dives into topics related to authentication, authorization, and more.

What is Authentication?

A deep-dive into 'what is authentication' as well as a look into some common forms of authentication.

What is Authorization?

A deep-dive into authorization including what it is, common authz patterns, security concerns and best practices.

What is Google Zanzibar?

A deep-dive into Google's centralized, distributed, highly-performant and reliable authorization service known as Zanzibar.

What is Role Based Access Control (RBAC)?

A popular coarse grained authorization scheme driven off of roles, permissions and users that is commonly used in B2B applications and SaaS.

What is Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC)?

A fine grained form of access control that allows for the definition of access policies based on arbitrary user, subject, environment and object attributes.

What is Relationship Based Access Control (ReBAC)?

A form of fine grained access control where access is determined based on relationships between users/subjects and objects.

What is Multitenancy?

A deeper look into multitenancy architecture and how it compares/contrasts with single-tenant applications.

Auth Glossary

A glossary of terms and definitions for all things auth-related.